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Designing a Kitchen with an Open Floor Plan

Designing a Kitchen with an Open Floor Plan

Kitchen Design Concepts

Modern homes have adopted the widely popular open-plan kitchen, which has altered how we think about how people move around and gather in our homes.

With an open floor plan for your kitchen, the layout allows for a great deal of freedom of movement and can be perfect for entertaining. An open floor plan also provides a much more airy feel than a traditional kitchen. This can be a great way to make your kitchen look bigger and more welcoming.

A modern design can combine the kitchen with other rooms or adjacent areas for dining and socializing. This means that the walls that normally isolate the kitchen are not part of the design, providing a free-flowing space. The kitchen is often positioned at the core of the open floor plan layout.

Advantages such as more natural light and ventilation, along with better socialization and a roomier atmosphere, are some of the benefits of an open floor plan with the kitchen at the center. This blog post, published on the Delmarva Design center blog, reviews the advantages of this type of kitchen layout. An open floor plan with the kitchen fully integrated into the floor plan is both a practical and visually appealing design.

A traditional home design typically has walls and doors that divide the kitchen from the living room or dining area. This can impede the movement of people and hinder socialization while preparing food, consuming meals, or entertaining. Not so with an open floor plan design.

The Delmarva Design Center combines knowledge and experience in cabinetry, appliance, countertops, flooring, and tile. The team at the Delmarva Design Center will work with you to customize the design and ensure that all of your requirements at met. You tell them what you desire, and they help to make your kitchen design ideas come to life.

Read the full post on Open Floor Plan Kitchen Design on the Delmarva Design Center Blog.

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